The Half Shed


It’s time to say “Hello!” to the Half Shed. Fits just like your favorite old pair of boxer briefs, but our waistband won’t fold on you, and your boys down under won’t smell like a dirty sauna.

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Picture this: you, clad in the most daring, comfortable, and breathable undergarments known to mankind… Intrigued?

Designed for the fearless, active man who’s tired of suffocating in swampy underwear, our Half Shed Boxer Briefs are here to liberate your nether regions. We’ve crafted these bad boys with a patented full-length breathable mesh inseam, giving your family jewels the freedom to breathe, roam, and explore as they please. Whether you’re conquering mountains, smashing your workouts, or just lounging on the couch like the champion you are, Toolshed USA has got you covered – and we mean that quite literally.

Oh, did we mention that these incredible creations are proudly made in the USA? We’ve spared no expense in sourcing the finest materials, using our cutting-edge Dri-Release Fabric to ensure the highest quality and durability. Available in Heather, Navy, and Black, our sheds will make you feel like a true American superhero, ready to save the day and conquer any challenge that comes your way.

Save With A Pack of 3


+ Toolshed’s Patented Aero Cooling Mesh Construction
+ The Ultimate Stretch and Ventilation Letting You Breathe Where You Need It Most
+ Featuring Ultimate Stretch and Ventilation, So You Can Breathe Where You Need It Most
+ Premium Roll-Resistant Waistband
+ No-Chafe Flatlock Stitching
+ Ultra-Soft Material Blend: 46% Polyester 46% Cotton 8% Lycra
+ Tagless Construction
+ Made in the USA

Waist Size Chart

 XS  26″
 SM  27″-29″
 MD  30″-32″
 LG  33″-35″
 XL  36″-38″
 2XL  39″-41″
 3XL  42″-44″
4XL 46″ +

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